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How to Build Powerful Niche Relevant Backlinks?

How to build powerful niche relevant backlinks?

As a website owner, you are constantly searching for ways to improve your website performance and drive more traffic to your site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a foundation of any digital marketing strategy, and for you to be successful, you need to understand the different concepts that come under this banner.

Amongst the many components of SEO, link building is one crucial element that will weigh in on the growth of your website.

Without high quality backlinks, you may struggle to rank on Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

If you want to build your search presence online, you need to understand niche relevant backlinks and how you can optimize them on your website.

2. Why are Backlinks Important?

Google is very specific on which sites will rank higher on their search pages because they focus on providing their users with valuable and informative content.

Whether you have an SEO expert or are associated with SEO services, you need to understand Google algorithms so that you have a higher search engine rank.

Even though Google has been consistently updating and changing its algorithms, backlinks have always remained one of the key ranking factors that websites must abide by to achieve their ranking goals.

So the higher backlinks linked to your website pages, check our manual link insertions packages to get the best out of your marketing efforts.

Importance of backlinks - How to gain niche relevant backlinks

3. What Makes a Backlink Valuable?

As a marketer or site owner, you must understand quality link building and how you can optimize it on your website. So before you build links for your website, you need to know what makes a high quality backlink:

Quick Tip:

A single quality backlink is more powerful than 100 low quality backlink.


Domain authority is one of the first things you need to watch out for when link building.

Authoritative and trustworthy websites will help you drive more traffic to your site and influence your SERF ranks.

Search engines like Google pay close attention to whom you are being linked with and how much authority they have.


Google focuses a lot on relevance apart from your domain rating or authority.

As a marketer, the last thing you want is for your site to have irrelevant backlinks, as they will not be valuable to your users.

So make sure you have optimized a relevant backlink, as it will send a positive signal to search engines and improve your domain level.

Anchor text

When creating an anchor text, using one of your researched keywords can help boost your ranking.

However, keeping your anchor text relevant to your link is essential.

Dofollow Backlink

Nofollow links do not attract search engines in any shape or form, but they can add some SEO value to your website.

Ideally, you would want to do-follow link, and they must be prioritized, but if they are tagged as nofollow links, it does not hurt your ranking factor much.

Different Domain Sites

Being linked to only one authority site over time will bring diminishing returns.

Instead of having several links from one site, focus on achieving quality backlinks from different trustworthy websites as it adds more weight to your SEO strategy.

Our backlinks validator will help you check the backend source code of each link. You can add 100 backlinks at once; make sure you use HTTP in your URLs. It is a huge timesaver and a great tool for your link-building campaign.

4. Why are Niche Relevant Backlinks Important?

Now that you have understood the basics of any link building strategy and how to identify quality backlinks.

Niche relevant backlinks are one of the most crucial elements if you want to be noticed by Google and other search engines.

Relevant links mean that you are closely connected to your website's incoming link, which effectively enhances your user experience.

There are two crucial steps in building a niche relevant link:

  • Relevance to a niche (topic)
  • Location relevance

While these two steps will narrow down your strategy and help you target the right links for your site.

Remember, finding the right links can be time-consuming as you need to do your research, contact the webmaster, decide on anchor text, publish on which page, ask for a link in return, and so on.

Gain niche relevant backlinks

While searching high quality link, it is important that you create excellent content for your website that allows your users to explore your pages even more, which will help build credibility on your site.

Location relevance may not always be essential when building links unless you optimize your website with local SEO. Then your location will play a key role in driving traffic and influencing your ranking online.

Remember that you may not always be able to find high quality niche relevant backlinks, but non-relevant backlinks can also benefit your website.

As long as they are authoritative and have a strong domain rating, you will still be able to have an advantage according to the Google algorithm.

Quick Tip:

Suppose you notice a sudden drop in your traffic while actively link building with non-relevant links from low authority sites.

Then you may be penalized by Google for associating yourself with these backlinks.

At this point, you should consider changing your links and fixing them at the earliest.

5. 3 Steps to Check Link Relevance Best for your Niche

When planning your niche relevance link building strategy, it is vital that you understand these critical steps.

If you have already determined these steps, you can move on to the next point in this article, where we will discuss strategies to get quality backlinks relevant to your website.

Know Your Niche

While it may be the most obvious step, marketers often deviate from their niche to improve their ranks on search engines.

And as we learned above, search algorithms are getting smarter daily, so you need to abide by certain guidelines not to get penalized.

When creating a website, you must understand your target audience and their intent. It all comes down to your niche and how you can create content for your audience.

Every niche out there is unique and has its audience. Your content should be able to attract the right people so that you can gain maximum engagement from your users.

For instance, travel niche and tech-related websites will have different topics and purposes.

So your goal as a marketer or site owner should be to understand the audience and create relevant links to increase traffic to your website.

Research Your Competitors

A great way to get the best niche relevant backlinks for your website is by conducting in-depth research on your competitors.

This step is essential for your success so that you can understand how your competitors have used their backlinks to draw traffic.

Focus on terms and links that your competition has used to build authority and rank better on SERPs.

While your initial analysis may include blog designs, website structure, domain name, and so on, evaluating their backlinks will give you an edge in your industry.

Additionally, it will help you get the most relevant niche backlinks, improving your blog network and page authority in the long run.

Research your competitors - Niche relevant backlinks

Credit : Pixabay

Focus on USP

When you are studying and researching your competitors, there will be many similar strategies or content that you would want to publish on your website.

Your goal as a marketer is not to copy or replicate content from another site but to find a unique angle for your website.

It all comes down to the first point -- knowing your niche.

Keep in mind that there will be several websites similar to yours, and you need to find a way to promote yourself uniquely that will appeal to your target audience.

Whether you are offering a product or service, a Unique Selling Point will help you narrow down your options and create strategies to help you run a successful website.

By doing so, you can finalize niche quality backlinks or sub-niche that will make you stand out amongst the crowd.

6. How to Build a High-Quality Campaign for Niche Relevant Backlinks Naturally?

Now that you have learned and understood the above steps, you can move on to your niche link building tactic.

Whether paid links or natural backlinks, you need to embrace your website well to build strong domain authority.

Below you will find eight strategies to help your content reach your targeted audience naturally.

Broken Link Building

This is a widespread technique amongst marketers where you scour the web, searching for broken links in your niche. While it is an effort tactic, it can help you build high-quality backlinks.

Broken links are those linked pages that are either deleted or removed. When you identify these broken links, you can email the webmaster or site owner, asking them if they would like to replace that link from your content instead.

If the website owner finds your content or links valuable to them, you may earn a backlink from a relevant site. Adding fresh content to their website will encourage them to offer more links and vice versa.

Remember that you need to find broken links that will benefit your website, or else you may replace links that do not help you achieve your goals.

The Skyscraper Technique

Brian Dean is the owner of one of the most authoritative online marketing blogs -- Backlinko -- who introduced and popularized the skyscraper technique.

This technique is widely used by marketers worldwide and is an excellent way to earn niche, relevant, and quality backlinks.

This approach aims to create new and better content based on existing online content written by other popular sites.

To make the most out of this technique, you must first analyze the competitors in your niche and find the best-performing content for backlinks.

Focus on a topic or keyword relevant to your niche and find articles ranking on Google. Accumulate these articles on a sheet and note the common terms and subtopics within these posts.

The skyscraper technique - Niche relevant backlinks

After that, create an outline of your skyscraper content where you cover all the essential topics and then ponder on what more you can offer your readers.

Watch for topics these high-performing articles are missing and include them in your content.

The goal is to produce high quality content that offers more value and knowledge than the existing content online.

If you are covering the same topics that already have taken space online, you will not be able to outrank them. Check out this detailed video to find out everything you need to know about the Skyscraper Technique from Brian Dean himself.

Finally, once you have published your content, pitch it to different webmasters that are within your niche to build quality backlinks.

Find Niche Bloggers

A great way to get quality backlinks is to pitch your website or content to niche bloggers. Niche bloggers are those sites that offer a variety of content that are relevant to your website.

Your goal as a marketer is to identify these sources and choose from your existing content that works best on your blog.

It is a helpful technique that has been used for years, and it should be that difficult to incorporate into your campaign.

First, you need to determine the type of bloggers you want to build links with, which means they should be authoritative, high-quality, and cover niche topics.

You can use tools like Ahrefs to narrow down niche bloggers once you have finalized your bloggers.

You can contact them through email or social media to see if they are interested in associating your link with one of their posts.

Most of the time, your pitch will be accepted but keep an eye out for bloggers that add value to your campaign.

When used correctly, you will be able to get many backlinks from different niche bloggers that will improve your ranks on SERPs.

Resource Pages Link Building

First things first, resource pages that those that link to other pages or sites.

As a website owner, a resource page can be an excellent option for link building; however, you need to find pages that are in your niche.

Linking to irrelevant pages will do you more harm than good, so you need to create of list of resource pages and scan through them before any approach is made.

If you think your content fits well on their page, you can send an email to their webmaster for a possible link exchange.

When contacting these resource pages, you must personalize each and every mail as it will increase your link building opportunity.

The best option is to draft an email that is receptive, appealing, and valuable to the recipients so that they will consider approving your request.

You can also look a bit deeper into these resource pages for quality, traffic, spammy backlink profile, and so on.

This technique will never disappoint, so make sure you find the best niche resource pages.

Join Social Media Groups

With over 58% of the population on earth using social media, it would be very careless of you not to make the most of the influence of social media.

Billions of people are constantly connected online every minute, every day, giving you a great opportunity to earn quality backlinks to your site.

Building links on social media will not directly affect your google analytics, but it can build brand awareness and bring in a certain amount of traffic.

A strong online presence is an effective SEO strategy, as you can link your posts to your content.

Social media groups - Niche relevant backlinks

Credit: Pixabay

You can also use this opportunity to connect and build relationships with niche bloggers and influencers online. By doing so, you will be able to create link building opportunities with authoritative and quality sites.

Just like any other post, the more your content gets shared on social media, the more visibility you will attract.

So make sure that you spend time building a good online presence, as it can be a great tactic to earn high-quality backlinks.

Backlinks with Infographics

Infographics have been making a name for themselves in digital marketing as they are appealing, easy to read, and highly shareable.

It is often used as an excellent content marketing technique in the past few years. The best part about infographics is that you can promote or pitch them on different topics according to your need.

They can also be used for link building to attract audiences quickly and smoothly.

If you are looking for quick and easy ways to get backlinks, you should consider infographics because they are a combination of both written and visual content.

There are two ways you can use infographics when building quality link:

You create an infographic and then pitch them to other niche sites
You can embed links to an infographic from other niche sites

If you are planning to create an infographic, you will need a skilled designer to make your visuals more attractive.

You can also get it done yourself with the help of free tools that allow you to create infographics in no time. Many of them offer several templates, which can be quite helpful.

While you pitch your infographics to niche websites, you need to ensure that you mention your embed code below the image.

By doing so, sites that find your visual helpful content and valuable can easily share it with their audience.

Link Insertions

Link insertion is one of the most effective link building techniques that are widely used by digital marketers all across the world.

The goal of this technique is to add a link from your website to a web page of another website.

This practice is quite simple because all you need to do is reach out to webmasters or website owners and request a link back from their pages.

However, being niche relevant is an important factor that will either make or break your efforts.

When you insert a link to a prospect's website, authority that passed between the sites will improve your credibility and visibility on SERPs.

Keep in mind that you need to create a list of prospects that are relevant to your niche so that each backlink will contribute to enhancing your web rank.

There are several elements that you need to consider when conducting link insertions, this detailed guide will help you understand all aspects of link insertions and improve your website’s performance.

Publish "Ultimate Guides"

The way to improve your ranks on Google and other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, etc., is by publishing link-worthy content relevant to your niche.

An ultimate guide is an excellent example of the type of articles you should focus on to excel in the content marketing sector of your niche.

People today have a limited attention span, and often they look for one article that provides all the information they seek.

An ultimate guide does precisely that by compiling all possible information on a specific topic in one place.

This means that you need to identify such topics within your niche to create an extensive guide for your readers.

When you create this long-form content, it allows you to develop high-quality and relevant backlinks. As you promote your well-drafted ultimate guide, other sites and niche blogs will start linking to you.

Ultimate Guide is one way you can get backlinks naturally, but you can also focus on reports, case studies, surveys, etc., which can be very useful.

However, these are often time-consuming and require gathering months of data before publishing your content.

Interviews and Weekly Round-Ups

Another great way to build your website authority is by connecting with webmasters who conduct interviews and roundups weekly.

This technique has proved to be quite effective in link building and boosts your brand's domain authority amongst different audiences.

This type of content is often a collection of other authority sites that appear in an article, often presenting valuable knowledge regarding a single topic.

For example, if the webmaster is doing a roundup of SEO experts, and you consider yourself to be one, you can contact them so that you can be included in the roundup.

Remember that you must show your credentials of what you claim to be an expert on, such as awards, relevant achievements, publications, and so on.

The best part about this link-building tactic is that if your request is accepted, you will be cited in their article without asking.

During these interviews, you may even get an opportunity to connect to other industry professionals in your niche and gain valuable insights from them.

7. Ready to Build Successful Niche Relevant Backlinks?

This detailed guide is everything you need to be successful in achieving niche relevance backlinks.

It may take some time to get used to as a beginner, but with the right strategies, you will definitely come out on top.

Remember, every niche website is different; what works for one site may not necessarily work for you.

As a website owner, you need to learn the art of finding niche backlink opportunities that will up your link building tactics.

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