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Bulk Check Your Backlinks To Find Out
If They’re Dofollow, Nofollow, or

Dofollow Link

A dofollow link is where the origin site allows search enginebots to follow the link to the destination link. In other words, passing authority from one site to another improves domain rating and website ranking.

Nofollow Link

As the name suggests, a nofollow link does not pass on any authority to the destination site and has very little influence over the SEO ranking of your page or website. However, acquiring nofollow links can help website owners

Sponsored Link

Google is very specific on the type of links that can influence your SERPs. Sponsored links are often related to paid links. Its best that you avoid your backlinks being marked as ‘Sponsored’.

Bulk Check Your
Backlinks To See If
They’re Indexed Or Not

A backlink is only valuable if it's indexed.
There’s no point in creating backlinks if Google doesn’t index them

Bulk Check The Anchor
Text Of Your Backlinks

Anchor texts are one of the most crucial elements of your link-building strategy; using them correctly is vital for your website’s traffic growth. We suggest that you always diversify your anchor text profile by having a mix of:

  • Target anchors
  • URL anchors
  • Branded anchors
  • Miscellaneous anchors

With our Backlink Validator tool, you can quickly check the anchor text used for each backlink and the surrounding text around the anchor text.


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2. What does ‘Link not found’ mean?

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4. Sometimes I can’t see the surrounding text. Why?

5. Does Noopenner or Noreferrer mean that it's a Nofollow backlink?

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